Terraria 3ds item ids


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Terraria Item IDs

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terraria 3ds item ids

On top of this, the character structure should follow those 58 slots with 3 armor slots, 3 Vanity Slots, and 5 accessory slots, for a grand total of 69 inventory slots.

Is it possible to expand the editor to gain access at least to the full 58 inventory slots, if not the max 69 for armor, vanity and accessory slots?

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terraria 3ds item ids

Terraria Hacks. Terraria Item IDs. Thread: Terraria Item IDs. Results 1 to 10 of Hello fellow MPGH members I just noticed that it would be easier if people can have a txt file with all ids of terraria scince i know people would just search them and probably not care i thought it would be easier for those who want to be lazy and stuff so i made this txt file with all Ids, it has no virus or anything, you guys might or might not belive me or whatever its just a txt file so just go ahead and download as i have many downloads from this site i also thought this would help so Happy Spawning :P Requested by: c0deman99 1.

Reason: forgot something. Originally Posted by Dolphin. Should really have projectile ID's as well. Otherwise though, very nice and useful compilation, not sure why this has not been done sooner or why I didn't think of it for that matter.

The formatting is different for 1. Last edited by Arenthor; at PM. Ill keep the File Updated as long as they keep updating Terraria. Approved, just a text file. Hi, thanks for make this.

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I think I can, If I can find anyone of them, Ill see to it, and sorry btw I haven't been on much Here it is, I plan on doing another with buff Ids, but im not sure if its useful, whatever, ill look into it, Happy Spawning!! Now with Npc Ids.

Reason: clarifying Terraria All IDs.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Which is better. The Imp Staff or the Hornet Staff? Categories :. Breathing Reed.

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Dirt Rod. Dual Hook. Fairy Bell. Grappling Hook. Meteor Hamaxe. Molten Hamaxe. Orb of Light. Wire Cutter. Ivy Whip. Magic Mirror.

terraria 3ds item ids

Adamantite Glaive. Adamantite Repeater. Adamantite Sword.

terraria 3ds item ids

Aqua Scepter. Ball O' Hurt. Blade of Grass. Blue Moon. Breaker Blade. Clockwork Assault Rifle. Cobalt Naginata. Cobalt Repeater.By SonoJan 8, 64, Page 1 of OP Sono Modern slave; tsundere. Level Joined: Oct 16, Messages: 1, Country:. This is just a port of my original TerraInveditDroid, nothing special. Current version: v0. Last edited by SonoJun 18, RichardBrianaoc60Bene-Hrethgir and 22 others like this. CeeDee Oh, fishsticks. I'm nauseous GBAtemp Patron.

Items List (Ids)

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Tjessx GBAtemp Maniac. Level 6. Joined: Dec 3, Messages: 1, Country:. Have been waiting for this. Sadly enough i almost got every item already. Level 5. Joined: Oct 27, Messages: Country:.This page contains a sortable list of item IDs that are used internally in Terraria 's game code to reference items. This information can be useful for research purposes, or in the development of third-party software, like mods and map viewers.

Sign In. From Terraria Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Main article: Data IDs. Purification Powder. Copper Chandelier. Silver Chandelier. Necro Breastplate. Purple Phaseblade. Yellow Phaseblade. Lesser Restoration Potion. Molten Breastplate.

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Plumber's Shirt. Plumber's Pants. Archaeologist's Hat. Archaeologist's Jacket. Archaeologist's Pants. Mana Regeneration Potion. The Doctor's Shirt. The Doctor's Pants. Grandfather Clock. Cobalt Breastplate. Mythril Chainmail. Adamantite Headgear. Adamantite Helmet. Adamantite Breastplate. Adamantite Leggings. Inactive Stone Block. Red Pressure Plate.

How to Spawn Any Item You Want (Piggy Bank Glitch) Terraria 1.2 console

Green Pressure Plate. Gray Pressure Plate. Brown Pressure Plate. Hallowed Plate Mail. Hallowed Headgear. Music Box Overworld Day. Music Box Eerie.Terraria does not offer a vanilla item spawn command. The methods of spawning items varies between singeplayer and multiplayer.

Jump down to the guide below for more details. Terrasavr is the easiest to use in my opinion, and it can all be done through the web app. No need for downloading a third party program at all! This will open your Terraria saves, and prompt you to choose which player. After selecting it, your save will load into the app.

To the right of your inventory, click the Library button. Multiplayer item spawning will require the use of mods or plugins. The easiest method is to add TShock to your server. You can download the latest release of TShock from their GitHub page or via their website. It does come with some system requirements, although nothing too over the top:. If the archive is not extracted you will lose any settings configured once the server shuts down.

Follow these steps to achieve that:. Now that you have the proper privileges, you can use the command below to spawn items. Want to directly give other users items? Description: Spawns the specified amount of the selected item into your inventory.

Bad Omens. Quick Guide to Spawning Items Terraria does not offer a vanilla item spawn command. Table of Contents. Certain features of our website use cookies to help improve your experience.

Terraria 3DS

I Understand.This is an index of "Data IDs" for elements in Terraria. This is a list of IDs in PC. Console mentions are just a courtesy mostly for XBOX users. This brings up the "Find" feature in most web browsers, which allows you to search for text on this page.

Type in the name of the item to jump right to it. Tip: Item IDs can also be found on almost every item page — just look in the infobox. The number in the upper-right corner of the infobox is the Item ID.

For example, the picture to the right shows the Item ID for Excalibur as it appears in the infobox. See the Buffs and Debuffs pages, respectively, for more information. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Clause Hat Mrs. Clause Shirt Mrs.

SugarRush Buff. Your ballistas rapidly shoots in panic!

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Categories :. ID Item Name Platinum Bow alt ID Platinum Hammer alt ID Platinum Axe alt ID Platinum Shortsword alt ID Platinum Broadsword alt ID Platinum Pickaxe alt ID Tungsten Bow alt ID Tungsten Hammer alt ID Tungsten Axe alt ID Tungsten Shortsword alt ID Tungsten Broadsword alt ID Tungsten Pickaxe alt ID